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Chantelle, 2012Spencer does not take typical senior portraits, he really thinks outside the box and takes AMAZING photos! I liked him from the start because he asked questions and wanted to get to know me, so my pictures would turn out exactly how I wanted them. After seeing his work from previous seniors, I knew I wanted him to take my pictures!
Evyn & JandroWhen we first saw Spencer’s photography we were amazed that this kind of photography existed for “normal people”. Never did we imagine that our photos could look like they were supposed to be on the cover of a style magazine. He was a great representation of his pictures; natural, relaxed and just there to help us. At one point we even forgot we were getting our pictures taken because we were having so much fun! I knew Spencer would take pictures that we would be proud of and look back to for a lifetime, and that we would look at his pictures and say “that was an awesome day!”
Alex, 2012Spencer Boerup is one of a kind! I knew from the moment I was looking through his portfolio that he was the perfect photographer for me. My parents and I really seemed to like him right from the start. I knew I wouldn’t just be another “session”, but it would be an “Alex session” made just for me. If I could do my senior year all over again, the one thing I would do again would be Spencer taking my senior photos!!
Heather & BradyWhen we first started looking for a wedding photographer, we noticed that Spencer’s prices were a little more than average. We were so taken by his incredible portfolio, however, that we knew this was one thing we were willing to spend a little extra on because this is what we will have to remember the day by. We are so glad that we did! At first, we didn’t want to bother with engagement photos, however, now that we have done it, we are SO GLAD we did! Spencer did a great job of capturing us for who we are and bringing those real-life moments to print for us to enjoy for a lifetime. Then came the wedding, and Spencer and his assistant were fun to work with, and mostly became a part of the background while they let us just enjoy the day and night. Yet, they captured the emotion, the fun, the energy and the happiness of our wedding day, and looking through the beautiful photographs again feels like we’re re-living the best of the best. Above all, Spencer is professional, relaxed, friendly and talented. We couldn’t be happier with our choice!
Abbi, 2011I wanted my senior portraits to be fun and unique, something that described me in a photo — and that’s exactly what I got! Spencer had amazing ideas and a clear vision for my shoot and they all turned out beautifully! Thank you!
Andrew 2012I looked at a couple other photographers, but I picked you was because you were so different. The majority of seniors getting pictures are lame poses with crappy little scenes. You incorporate much more than that. Your pictures “pop” right out of the page, the lighting is just superb!
Jess & ErickWhile there were other talented photographers considered, my wife and I found Spencer to be more creative and aligned with our vision of how we wanted our wedding photographed. We didn’t want too many of the standard, posed shots. We wanted something unique and Spencer provided that creativity, matched with unsurpassed talent. Why did we choose Spencer? That’s tough because it assumes there was ever another option. The best quality with the best guy? There wasn’t a choice to be made. Spencer was the only choice. The cake gets eaten, the dj stops playing songs, but the pictures last forever. Thanks Spencer.
Greer FamilyJust wanted to thank you again for the beautiful pictures you took of our family 2 years ago. At the time we where so glad to get a good picture of grandpa before he became too sick. Never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined that it would be one of the most treasured pictures we have of grandma. The picture you took of just grandpa and grandma will be the way we remember them both for the rest of our lives; healthy and happy. We are so grateful we took the time to have them taken when we did even though we knew we would be adding 3 grand-babies, a grandson in-law and a great grand-baby to the family.
Chloe, 2012I like that my photos were on location, and the use of lighting and everything made them a little cooler, and more artistic. I really liked the style, the photos were unusual and not just the classic headshot in a studio type thing. I had an awesome time and it was actually super fun!
Amanda & JasonI highly recommend Spencer Boerup if you are looking for eye-catching photographs, outside the standard wedding fare. Spencer has a true artist’s eye and color comes alive in his photographs. The composition of our wedding and engagement photos are constantly noticed–even by people just walking by my desk at work. Spencer was committed to making us happy–whatever that took, and we are huge fans!
Amanda, 2013You had worked with friends of mine and they all had nothing but amazing things to say.No two pictures are the same and you are able to capture every persons personality. I thought your photos were stunning and were exactly what I was looking for in senior pictures. Working with you was so much fun! I am not a huge fan of getting my picture taken, but with you I actually enjoyed it!
Lindsey, 2012I love the style of your photos and the way you really capture each person. I also really liked the fact that you gave me direction during the session on how to look and pose, because I really had no clue where to begin…you focused on how I wanted the photos to look, and made me feel comfortable and beautiful.
Miles FamilyLooking through your website, I felt that no matter what you were photographing, I was entertained by what I was seeing. No stiff poses, no repetitivness – Instead, beautiful pictures that capture the realness of a person. I knew the pictures you were going to create would be awesome and the experience of working with you was just as good!
Liz, 2012My first impression of his photos was WOAH! At first I was apprehensive about the way my photos would turn out and that they wouldn’t look like his other senior portraits on his site…but when I went to view my portraits, I had never seen myself like the way he captured me! I LOVE them!
Stephanie & FabianFirst impressions mean the most and Spencer by far had the whole package. I found myself looking daily at his blog to see all the awesome pictures he had taken. Then when we finally met Spencer, it sealed the deal. The range of options that he provides for his clients is amazing and his service is second to none. Always courteous and willing to go the extra mile. The other photographers we interviewed didn’t even come close to the standards Spencer had set. I look back at my gorgeous wedding album and it really is like a book without words. Thank you SO much Spencer!
Kelsi, 2012I felt like a model shooting for a magazine while taking my senior pictures! I had such a blast! There is no other photographer that can measure up to you, creating my senior portraits is something I will never forget!
Dea, 2011I loved working with Spencer every step of the way. He was friendly and creative, and taking pictures with him was a blast! I could tell that he really wanted to exceed my expectations and provide me with the best experience possible.
Caitlin, 2011I chose Spencer because his senior portraits were so original and professional. They were much more crafted and artistic than any that I’ve ever seen before and I knew that is what I wanted for my portraits. Once my session started, It only got better! The whole experience was very comfortable and fun, thank you!!!
Ilene & VicSpencer captured the magic of the entire day for us and his calm demeanor would relaxe any bride and groom to enable great pictures. He is a creative genius when it comes to photographic composition. Spencer and his assistant worked without a pause and did not miss an important shot or person. No one could have pleased us more! We have truly incredible photographic memories!
Sam, 2013Your pictures were beautiful and I knew I had to have you take mine!! As I worked with you I was even more relaxed by your easy going attitude. I also LOVE that in the pictures you told me exactly how to pose because I’m not the type of person to choose my own.
Ashlee, 2012Seeing your work from previous seniors I knew I needed you to do mine! They were all amazing and from day one I said I have to go with Spencer! Working with you is honesty so much fun, once we got out there and started shooting, I felt very confident and relaxed. I hope we continue to work together!
Lisa & SteveSpencer traveled to Washington DC and to California to take our engagement and wedding photos. We couldn’t have been more pleased! We were blown away by the quality and originality in his photos. Everyone who sees our pictures asks where we found such a great photographer. Spencer is professional, reliable, and he makes taking pictures easy and fun. We knew we could count on him to capture the essence of our wedding day. We are extremely satisfied with our photography experience, and we recommend Spencer to anyone.
Natalie, 2012You made everything a breeze! From the first meeting, to helping us choose which products would be best for us. I was nervous about the shoot at first but you made everything much more fun, less stressful, and I liked that you put each picture together so spontaneously.
Gomez FamilyOur initial meeting with you confirmed our initial impressions…we loved the examples we saw, the clean layouts of both the website itself and work samples themselves. We appreciated your easygoing style and were blown away by the examples of the work you’d done with other families and couples. Choosing you was really a no-brainer after meeting with you!
Makala, 2012Spencer knows what he is doing, and each person’s pictures would never be the same because he picks the places based on what you like and don’t like. I was continually impressed with what he had up his sleeve! It was a fun experience!
Kristina, 2012I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted, but by looking and going through your previous photos you were able to identify exactly what I wanted. I could tell you really love photography and capturing moments perfectly is something you really enjoy. I’m glad I came across you because I automatically loved your photos.
Amber & CarraigMy husband had done some photography and had sent me links of several photographers to choose from for our wedding. Spencer was hands down the best that I had ever seen! His clients looked like they were having so much fun and even looked like models! I saw so much life in his pictures, and I wanted something original and different than traditional photography. There was something different about Spencer, I really can’t explain it. I am definitely a customer for life! We have used him for engagement portraits, our wedding, some surprise gifts, and now our children’s pictures! Spencer has become a very good friend and we can’t thank him enough for his amazing talent, you will NOT be disappointed!
Megan & NateFrom the moment we got engaged, we knew that we wanted Spencer to work with us on our wedding photography. Throughout the entire process, Spencer was completely focused on making sure we got exactly what we wanted. He was professional and fun. Our engagement and wedding photos turned out better than we could have ever imagined. We brag about our wedding photos every chance we get. His knowledge, skill and creative eye really make his photography the best we have ever seen. We highly recommend Spencer to anyone and everyone.
Hart FamilyYou were so great taking our family pictures. You have such an amazing eye! I get wonderful compliments all the time on our pictures. You captured images of my son that I will treasure FOREVER. I really appreciate your time and patience!
Lindsey & BrianOne word. AMAZING! We decided that photography would be our splurge item and once I saw Spencer’s work I knew that is who we wanted. Our engagement pictures were awesome! We gave our family some copies of our engagement pics and they were fighting over how many they could take because everyone loved them so much. He is fantastic and I would definitely work with him again.